Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?

Check out our Getting Here Page with helpful tips and all the details you need.

What do I need to bring?

We have some great suggestions lined out for you to make your trip successful here on our What To Bring page.

When can I beach-comb, tide pool etc?

See Activities Page
Beach-combing happens year-round at low tide and you can check the NOAA tide charts here.
Tide-pooling – Year-round at any minus tide you can explore the rich sea-life.
Eagle viewing – Year-Round

Do you host events/groups?

Between Beaches is perfect for lighthearted events such as weekend getaways, small weddings, and family reunions. Out of respect for our neighbors’, events do need to be modest as Between Beaches shares Mac Donald Spit with local residents and our lovely eagle friends who nest on site. Because of this, Between Beaches is not well suited for partying as noise levels and gatherings need to be held in moderation.

Do I need to bring my own food/water?

Enough food should be brought with you for the duration of your stay. We sell freshly frozen Salmon & Halibut caught by Between Beaches Commercial Fishing. If you desire filtered water please bring some, we only provide fresh mountain-fed water.

How many people can fit in a cabin?

Most cabins have a 2 person base rate/occupancy and can accommodate an additional person with fee. The Beach House has an 8 person occupancy. Each accommodation has details on capacity in the listings populated throughout the website but you can skip straight to the All Lodging Page here.

What can I do while at Between Beaches?

Between Beaches offers many activities and property amenities from kayaking to tidepooling and so much more options can be seen on our activity page.

Which cabin is best for me?

Our cabins are designed to suit 2 people comfortably, though if necessary an extra person can be booked in for an additional fee. Please contact us for any extra persons requests. Also The Beach House is recommended for larger parties. Deep dive into the lodging differences on our blog post Which Cabin is Right for you?

Check-in/out time/Ferry Time and duration?

Check-in/out time/Ferry Time and duration?
11am checkout, 4pm check-in
TBD for water taxi time; Please connect to coordinate your water taxi time.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. There is a $75 cleaning fee per dog, per stay.

How do I get to Seldovia from Between Beaches?

There is a land taxi for $60 roundtrip.

Is the hot tub and sauna communal? 

The Hot Tub & Sauna are on the main property to be used by all guests and we ask everyone to be please considerate of others. You may reserve private time in either for your party to use.

Can I bring my own boat/airplane/vehicle to Between Beaches?

Boat: Yes, to note depending on the tides the moorings can go dry. Please contact us so we can share safe route options.
Plane: Yes, we have plane ties in front of the main house on the beach. During big tides we recommend not bringing any personal planes. 
Jet Ski: Jet Skies are not permitted at Between Beaches
You can drive to Between Beaches, but we do not recommend it as the conditions of the Alaskan Marine Highway are not reliable.

Can I see the Northern Lights?

…faint and not guarantee, great stargazing though!