A Retreat for The Entrepreneur

Hello fellow explorers and travelers! I am honored to pop on the blog today and guest write for Kristi! She is the owner and artist behind all the magic out here at Between Beaches. I am Amber, her brand designer and website developer; nice to meet you! I have had the pleasure of doing some photography and brand development with my company Synergy Brandworks for Between Beaches over the last few years. I have had many conversations with Kristi about her growing dreams for BB. She has such a mind for considering every detail of your experience here and how to integrate that seamlessly into the wild here on MacDonald Spit.

Uniquely Wild Location

We have talked a lot about the power of nature to heal and provide much-needed rest in a way that few locations can offer. This is especially true for Between Beaches and the sheer magic of being surrounded by water. I told Kristi last time I left BB I was sad because I felt like I was wrapped in some kind of cocoon staying out there. We were digging deep on her new website, so even in the midst of tech overload, something about this place just soothes your body. I fell in love with all that this place offers a long time ago and cannot wait to share how that has aligned with some dreams and goals Kristi has been brewing up.

A Place for Artists

She mentioned a while back, she would be delighted to see more artists and creatives come out here and access the raw beauty and utilize this incredible foundation of nature for creativity and healing. Kristi shares the same sentiments about this place and told me that she rarely leaves the spit anymore because there’s not much that compares to the magic of this place. She has traveled a lot over the years and still would choose this place over it all. I personally have found my #1 staycation spot in Alaska and will continue to come here as long as I can. Were so excited about this place and Kristis’ desire to see more creativity out here it was a no-brainer when a cherished friend and I started to dream up a retreat that we considered Between Beaches!

Entrepreneurs Dream Vacation

Lacey and I are dear friends and business pals who find ourselves in synergy quite a bit and are honored to announce the rare opportunity to host a retreat at Between Beaches Alaska! We have had many discussions about the entrepreneur life and all that it entails. The sheer magnitude of what entrepreneurs face is amazing and truly is a path meant to refine you. Being an entrepreneur or even an artist working to be in full expression is one of the most sovereign ways to grow. It takes an immense amount of self-awareness and certainly will not allow you to stay in victimhood for long if you want to be successful. It holds you accountable to be a person of growth and that is a beautiful thing. Most entrepreneurs I know are hustlers, generous givers and authentic badasses! Both Lacey of Ignite Continuousness and I have businesses that deeply support this journey, so of course, it was a natural progression to host a retreat for this purpose. When we thought about everything you give in your field, we wanted to create something that gave back to you! 

A Guided Experience

We are hosting a retreat out here for the senses and soul in just a few short weeks!! August 8th-11, 2021. You likely have been to Between Beaches or are longing to come here if you are reading this. If you have not been before or want a supercharged experience, we invite you to journey with us! Sometimes when we consider doing things for ourselves or taking the time out to work ON our business as natural givers, we can struggle to allow extra space and time. It can feel selfish at times but the truth is you cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s incredibly more valuable to spend time in sacred practice, filling your tank, taking the much-needed rest and connecting with your inner knowing to come back stronger and more equipped to journey on renewed!

We have put a great deal of time and energy into curating a unique offering for anyone this resonates with. We have just a few spots left! Head over to our retreat site to read more and we hope to see you out there! Please enjoy a special offer as a follower of Between Beaches and use coupon code: BB15 for 15% off! And book onĀ OUR RETREAT SITE

xo, amber & lacey

Which Cabin is right for you?

We get it, you’re searching for that perfect get-away and it can be hard to see exactly what a place offers. We have all booked that hotel room and ended up looking at a dumpster with a sliver of the “partial ocean view” peaking out behind the garbage-filled alleyway. Often you don’t know what unit or room you get until check-in and we hope to be much more transparent with you and help you find just the right fit for your vacation. Although we know everyone has different travel dreams, we hope this post shares some of our cabins’ most unique features to help you choose how you will enjoy Between Beaches. All cabins are stand-alone units and great on their own. We just hope to share some unique features and what to book based on the size and relationship of your fellow travelers.

Pioneer Cabin

This was the first cabin built on the property with rustic charm offering homage to our history here. This cabin is great for kids or friends since it is a little roomier than Fishermans & Cannery. It works great as an add-on to another cabin to accommodate your party because it’s the only cabin with an oven and the largest counter space. 

It faces the interior bay offering you an opportunity to wake up with the sunrise. The bathroom is detached, so this works great for kids or groups of friends. If your traveling with another couple or family and The Beach House is already rented than pair this with another cabin!

  • Great For Kids
  • Great for Friends
  • Detached Bathroom
  • Only Cabin With Oven

Fishermans Cabin

Sits close to Cannery Cabin, so these two are good for couples or families traveling together. Both have fantastic views of the sunset facing the ocean. They are also right next to the wood fired hot tub and both have indoor kitchens and private flush toilets and outdoor showers (in the summer). Winter stays are incredible especially for winter tide-pooling but running water is not feasible so you will have access to mountain fed water and outdoor detached outhouses.

  • For Couples Traveling Together
  • Great For Friends
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Indoor Flush Toilets
  • Indoor Kitchenettes


Serves as a great add-on to Fishermans or Cannery Cabin. If you need additional sleeping space, but not additional cooking space. There is no oven or sink inside this cabin. There is a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for you though!

  • No Indoor Kitchen
  • Great For Extra Sleeping Space
  • Most Affordable Accommodation


Is our largest and newest cabin and is great for couples who want some privacy. Choose this cabin for honeymoons and anniversaries! It sits on the end of the property offering the most privacy for your romantic get-away! Tidepool has an indoor kitchen and private flush toilet (in the summer). Winter stays are incredible especially for winter tide-pooling but running water is not feasible so you will have access to mountain fed water and an outdoor detached outhouse.

  • Great For Couples
  • Largest Cabin
  • Indoor Flush Toilet
  • Indoor Kitchen

The Beach House

Is the only full house on the property for rent. This perfect for families or small events with a full indoor kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a dining room and a cozy living room with a fireplace. Enjoy two private decks and a fun rope swing! 

  • Great For Families
  • Ideal For Small Events
  • Full House
  • Full Kitchen
  • Large Private Deck
  • Full Indoor Bathrooms